Charles Bridge and Prague Castle


These personalized tours are all about how you like to travel. With Absolutely Prague Tours, you have a choice of how long to sightsee, how to get around, and whether or not you want to venture outside the city.
There are two main types of tours – half day tours (4 hours) and full day tours (8 hours). We can start the tour at whatever time works best for you. I can meet you in the lobby of your hotel, and we can finish the tour either back at your hotel or at a destination of your choice.
There are also two different options for how we explore the city – a walking tour (which may also take an advantage of the tram system) or a driving tour. I work with several transportation companies offering the highest standards of service.
If you’re looking for some fun outside the capital city, I can also organize day trips from Prague. The length of the trip depends on your itinerary, usually between 6-10 hours. Day trips always include a comfortable car with a driver available.
The tours listed below are suggestions to give you an idea of the activities that are available. I am also more than happy to design a special private tour just for you based on your needs and interests. If you’ve got a question, a suggestion, or any special requests, just ask!
You can also mix & match the individual tours throughout your stay to get as much as possible from your time here in the Czech Republic!
Please, don’t hesitate to contact me to design or discover an ABSOLUTELY ideal tour for you!



A picturesque town in the South Bohemian Region deserves your attention. You will be rewarded with an unforgettable day full of stories, pictures and nice local restaurants and shops.

Prague is a city of many faces, and this tour will show you some of the hidden ones. Let me take you to some of the trendiest areas in the city. Holešovice is a formal industrial district, which has recently transformed into a fashionable area of design shops and galleries.

Prague has always had a significant Jewish community that had built over centuries many beautiful synagogues. This tour focuses on the visit of the Jewish Museum in Prague, located in these synagogues, and tells the stories of the Czech Jewry.

1000Kč per person

This tour will give you a chance to experience a holiday in the 19th century. Let us stroll around the well-known spa town of Karlovy Vary, also known as Carlsbad in English. You will be surprised that the relaxed atmosphere of this healing place remains in all the corners of this charming town. Of course, we will have a sip of the hot springs, too!

The lovely town of Kutná Hora is waiting for your visit! On this tour I will take you back to medieval times. You can enjoy the beauty of the Czech landscape on the way in a comfortable car and learn more about the Czech past while exploring this piece fo UNESCO World Heritage.

The Malá Strana district known as “Lesser Town” in English, is a lovely historic neighborhood on the west side of the river and it is known for its palaces, churches, and gardens. Come and see them with your own eyes!

Let’s explore the true heart of Prague. This tour focuses on the main highlights of the east river bank. You will see that there is much more than just the Astronomical clock!

This day trip will introduce to you not only the history of the town Plzeň (Pilsen) but will also stress its role at the end of WWII and liberation by the US army. On the journey to this lovely town in Western Bohemia, we will see the Czech countryside as well as we will find the hop's fields from where the famous Pilsner Urquell Brewery gets its main ingredient.

The world famous Prague Castle sits on the top of a hill where there is many beautiful places to visit, amazing views to get and history to explore.

This tour will show you all the must-see places of Prague just in one day. Let us breeze into the streets of Prague and immerse into their stories.

1000Kč per person

Let me know if you have any kids traveling with you, and I will gladly adjust the itinerary for them. I can also arrange some special interactive activities to entertain and educate children at the same time. I am happy to arrange special workshops, visits, or rides for families with kids!

The duration of the tour is fully your choice. The minimum duration however is 4 hours.
1000Kč per person

This tour will open the doors of many interesting buildings for you. Let me take you behind scenes and taste different interiors that may stay hidden for many tourists passing by.

1000Kč per person

Do you want get a sneak peek into Prague's history and architecture but only have limited time? This tour will show you the main highlights of Prague in just 4 hours.

1000Kč per person

Prague is a city is full of aromas and flavors! Let me introduce you to Czech cuisine at its best. We will visit a local bakery, a delicatessen, a restaurant, and a confectionery.

1000Kč per person

This tour was designed for theater lovers, theater students and those who want to get to know Prague and the Czech Republic from a different angle. I am a great theater fan, so it will be my great pleasure to introduce to you the rich Czech theater heritage.

1000Kč per person

Let’s leave the crowds behind and explore two lovely areas – Vinohrady and Žižkov! We will make our way towards a residential district of Prague with beautiful apartment houses, parks and relaxed cafes and restaurants.

Vyšehrad is a historical area of the city connected to some of the oldest Czech legends and stories. What is more, this place is a park like area located off the beaten paths. What a combination of history, architecture and a relaxing walk.

Terezin Memorial is located in a former garrison town that turned into a Jewish ghetto during Nazi occupation. This tour will take you to the concentration camp where more than 150 000 people went through.

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